Sega and Phantasy Star Universe: What Were They Thinking?

PSU LogoPhantasy Star Universe really has me scratching my head during my offline hours. The game play is excellent, but how you connect with other people baffles me.

Let me get this straight: XBox 360 owners are cut off from PS2 and PC owners, right? That must mean they “XBox Live-ified” the “partner card” system for the XBox 360 version, right? Instead of having to exchange cards, I can look up people in my XBox Live Friends, right? Wrong.

WTF? Now why on Earth would Sega do that? Doesn’t seem logical from a sales standpoint to cut off one gaming console from the rest of the pack. In fact the only logical conclusion is that this was not Sega’s intention.

The only other party involved is Microsoft. Unfortunately, logic fails here too — why would Microsoft want to see the PC and XBox 360 sides divided? If anything, they’d want the PS2 version quarantined. An argument might be made that Microsoft is just trying the separate the XBox 360 as a superior gaming device. That argument fails when you consider the audiences — 6 million XBox 360 owners, 100 million PS2 owners, and up to 750 million PC owners. Suicide!

OK, so XBox 360 PSU isn’t going to play nice with PS2 and PC PSU. Can we at least switch our Guardians Licenses between the the two? I mean, after all, no matter what name you’re using on any one platform, it all boils down to a unique ID number that’s optionally visible while playing, right? Any name can be attached to a number. Well, no. Sega ain’t going to do it. Not even between billing cycles. Not even if you cancel one system’s License and start anew on another.

I think I’m beginning to see where the problem lies.