Phantasy Star Universe XBox 360 Clothing Glitch

[Update: On February 23rd, Sega released a patch through XBox Live that updated the client to prevent this. Apparently, it wasn’t half-naked female characters running about that caused a problem so much as it was the fact that this glitch completely screwed up Cast characters.]

PSU LogoA week ago, Sega released swimsuits for people’s characters. By now you may have seen quite a few people running around in mixed ensembles — female characters wearing pants or shorts with a bikini top or male characters shirtless with regular clothes. How do you do this when the the swimsuit is an all or nothing thing? They exploited a glitch.

What does the glitch do? Think of it as being able to don another layer of clothing. You’re still restricted to what the game will allow you to wear together within each layer, but this should pretty much give you the freedom to dress your character the way you want to.

The first thing to do before exploiting the glitch is to plan out how you want to dress. If this involves the swimsuit, the choice is easy — put on the swimsuit first, exploit the glitch, and then replace what you want. If you want to wear shoes you normally can’t wear, I’d suggest putting them on first with a matching outfit, exploiting the glitch, and then putting on a matching shirt and pants/shorts.

Get the idea? Too bad, here we go:

  • Go to the Dressing Room in Your Room and put on the first layer of clothing. Exit the Dressing Room.
  • Use the green X button to bring up the XBox 360 Dashboard.
  • Go to your Friends List and find someone who is also playing PSU. Select their name and then select Join Session. This will take you out of the game and back into PSU’s XBox Live login screen. If it bombs out (as PSU on XBox 360 often does), Disconnect and try to Join Session again.
  • If the glitch works on the first try, your should hear the Clyez City music start briefly, stop, the Your Room music start, and find yourself in the room of the person you selected to join instead of your own.
  • If it didn’t work, you still have a chance! Exit Your Room, and visit either the 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, or 4th Floor of the GUARDIANS Colony. These three places are where a Universe Select cube will be closest to you when teleport. (Using the Vision Phone in Your Room will not work!) Simply use these cubes to go back into Your Room until the glitch kicks in. Be patient — it may take a while. My initial test took 5 tries. A subsequent test worked immediately.
  • While in the wrong room, open up your Items Menu. Section 4 — Clothing — should show that you have nothing equipped, even though you’re not in your underwear!
  • Exit the wrong Your Room. You’ll be taken back to the correct Your Room.
  • Go into your Dressing Room. You’ll now be able to “put on a second layer of clothing.”

Note: This glitch may also unequip your armor. I didn’t check immediately after exploiting the glitch, but a couple of days later I noticed I was taking WAY too much damage with A-class armor and not automatically healing. Somehow, my armor’s Extra slot was equipped with HP Restore but the Hardline armor itself was not equipped.