HOWTO: Set Up A Segregated Home Network.

So, you have a wireless network. You know a little about wireless security. You know WPA is stronger than WEP, so you set up your wireless network for WPA. But, you still have some Wi-Fi devices that can only use WEP. If you keep WPA, you’re SOL. If you downgrade to WEP, you’re going to be SOL in under 60 seconds if some evil-doer comes within range. You want two networks that can’t see each other, but you’re not sure how to pull that off.

Well, grasshopper, you’re straying from the path a bit. You still only need one network, but what you want is keep one portion from accessing the other but not necessarily vice versa.

Segregated Network Flow

For this, all you need are two wireless routers.

Segregated Network Connections

Put your “secure” network on router #2 and tada! Aren’t you a genius? Stuff on LAN1 can’t access stuff on LAN2, but stuff on LAN2 can access stuff on LAN1. And everything can still access the internet.

Actually, you’re not clear yet.  There is one caveat to doing this: UPnP information won’t be relayed up-stream, which means you’re going to have to connect UPnP-only clients like the Nintendo DS and the XBox 360 to the less secure router. For any application that you can switch to use static ports, do so and set up the appropriate port forwarding information on both routers.