Oh, FU 360! FU! Update #1

Last time I wrote, my XBox 360 was like this:

My 360 and the dreded 3 quads of death

That was August 17th. It’s actually taken me 10 days to call it in to Microsoft. My work schedule is mostly to blame, but Microsoft’s Xbox Service site is as much. I tried to register my console online, but I kept getting an error.

After mulling about my options, I decided the best way to go was to buy a 360 Elite in the mean time. I could have just gone with a Core system for $280, but the R button on my controller was going and I would soon be in need of a bigger hard drive. $280 + $50 + $180 = $510. At that point, the Elite saves you $60.

When I looked at the new 360, I noticed something weird. The manufacture date on my console was only one month old. My 360 Pro was four months old when I bought it.

The dots finally connected — I had saved $20 on my 360 purchase because the box was opened. They had said something about a gaming event, so I went with it. But no, it was used, registered, and returned! And I have since lost my receipt! Oh goody!

Have no fear. There is a God, and Microsoft’s XBox division isn’t so evil:

  • Max (the automated system) somehow sees I have multiple repairs in the queue! This might be related to my attempts to register the XBox 360 online without success because of the aforementioned doucher.
  • I explained to the lady that my 360 got the 3 red quads a week ago and that I’ve tried taking care of things online but couldn’t.
  • She gets the registration taken care of first. My suspicions are confirmed — it was registered to someone else. I explain the situation.
  • She gets it registered to my name! Albeit at the original registration date. It’s out of the hardware warranty, but still under the 3 red lights warranty.
  • I only had to jump through one hoop: Hook the 360 back up to see the power supply’s light color. I understand this, because my 360 has had the 3 red quads of death before — because of a brown out. The power supply cuts out at the drop in voltage, the light turns orange, and the 360 goes “wtf?” and red-lights.
  • I get my reference number and instructions: I’ll be getting a pre-paid shipper in 3-5 business days, please remove everything (including the face plate), write my reference number on a piece of paper and attach it to the XBox 360, and write the reference number on the outside of the box.
  • I go back to service.xbox.com. I now have the device registered to me — with one mistake: my ISP zoominternet, not zuneinternet. -_-

That’s it! I’ll be up and running with a new console, but at least I’m not out of my hard-earned cash.