How Many Consoles Do You Own?

I upgraded my rack recently. The crappy Walmart book case couldn’t hold it any more. The wiring is a mess. It was horrible with the old shelving, and moving things around a bit made it worse.

My Gaming Rack

From left to right, top to bottom: Genesis/32X/CD, Saturn, XBox, PlayStation (7000 series, w/ LPT port), Dreamcast (with VGA box!), SNES, N64, GameCube. Notably missing is the XBox 360. I wonder why? 😀

And yes, that is a Mac Mini power brick next to the 360 power brick.

UPDATE: Don’t think these can be hooked up all at once? That is an insult to mah manhood and will not be tolerated! See the two source switches on the floor? Well…

My Gaming Rack Hookup

I didn’t choose the ilo-brand HDTV for picture quality alone. The TV sports RCA, Composite (S-Video), 2 Component, VGA, and HDMI hookups.