MySpace CSS Sucks

What brainwrecked fucktard came up with the classing of HTML tags in the MySpace code? Thanks to said nitwit, my custom CSS now induces serious cases of WTF. My code now looks like this:

body {
	background-color: black;
	background-attachment: fixed;
	background-position:bottom right;
table.profileInfo {padding: 2px;}
table.profileInfo, tr, td {background-color:white;}
table.userProfileURL, tr, td
table.extendedNetwork, tr, td
table.latestBlogEntry, tr, td
table.blurbs, tr, td
table.friendSpace {background-color:white;}
table.friendsComments {background-color:white;}
table, tr, td, table, tr, td
table table table table {background-color:white;}
table table table {background-color:6699CC;}

Can you tell what the hell is going on here? Not really, because not everything’s classed, and what is classed is just the TABLE tag.

Since you can’t access the main table directly with a class, I had to use (line 20) table, tr, td, table, tr, td to make it transparent so you can see the background image. But oh noes, that makes EVERYTHING transparent! So I have to use (line 22) table table table table to make all the little tables white again. But oh noes, that makes some of the headings white too! So I have to use (line 23) table table table to change THAT! But fuck, we’re not done yet because some of the tables don’t have a white background now, and those that do are enclosed in tables that don’t! Hence all that crap with table.[class], tr, td. However, it can’t appear after the non-classed declarations because that fucks everything up! It has to go in lines 8-19.

By brain hurts. ><