More Thoughts On Modding The 360.

Xbox 360 LogoI’ve already muttered elsewhere that I’ve been thinking about modding one of my 360s now that I have two.

Well, here’s further evidence that sooner might be better. Poor Tuck went through all that trouble to revive his console only to have it continually throw itself back into death’s grip.

After reading up on the X-Clamp Replacement Methods, the 12v Fan Mod, and the PC Power Supply Hack, I’ve got some pretty good ideas. The plan thus far is to adapt a regular slimline desktop computer case for use with the 360 motherboard, complete with standard air-based chipset cooling.

I don’t mind the thing being bigger if it means the 360 gets proper cooling. Trying to make the 360’s case so small is what started the over-heating problems to begin with. And I’m not going with water cooling, because I don’t want to be bothered checking up on the thing every year. I want to be able to let this console sit for years and collect dust without intervention, just like, well, EVERY OTHER FRIGGIN’ CONSOLE.

Do I have the balls to do this before the warranty runs out? No. As long as my 360 is running fine under warranty, I absolutely will not be attempting this. If it starts to show signs of going downhill, I’ll probably still give it to Microsoft for repair even out of warranty, as chances are that things are being damaged beyond repair. But give me a perfectly fine console out of warranty and I’m gettin’ jiggy with it. Did I just say “gettin’ jiggy with it?”