Oh, FU 360! FU! Update #3

Xbox 360 LogoHOLY SHIT!

I logged on to http://service.xbox.com just a few minutes ago and my repair status was “No repairs pending”!

I searched the internet for more information and I see that people got the same thing, usually accompanied by a change in the serial number.

I go back to the page. Hey, I don’t remember there being such a long string of 9’s in my serial number! And it started with a 3 not a 0! (FWIY, I remembered the 3 because my Elite’s SN starts with a 4.)

I check my mail in Thunderbird. Yep! New serial number!

Uh-oh. Does this now mean I have a launch console? Or are serials starting in 0 reserved for re-manufactured consoles? Will I be able to play my XBLA games offline?

To tell the truth, the GPU probably did get fucked up pretty bad. Long story short, the “Big Lobby Incident” had my screen regress rapidly from “sparklies” to color bleeding to ghosting, then big white vertical bars after a hardware reboot. After another hardware reboot, I didn’t see any indicators for about a month until the big freeze.