XBox 360 Goes Boom — Again

Xbox 360 LogoYou would think that, with all the crap I went through with my first console, that Microsoft would have given me a console that would have lasted me more than three months.

Well, no.

It was a little over a month before my replacement XBox 360 started mis-reading discs. It’s been a long time coming, but what started out as having to eject and re-insert the disc every once and a while on startup became a 10-minute exercise. I saw it coming a mile away. But instead of letting us go in and replace the DVD drive with any ol’ drive, Microsoft insists on locking the console down to only certain models of DVD drives and making it so that opening your console voids the warranty. Seriously, for the low price of $21 you could go to Newegg, buy a DVD drive, and do it yourself. But that’s too simple. Let’s wait until the thing completely busts and then wait for the turnaround time of approximately one month by sending the console in to be repaired replaced, getting it replaced, and having it sent back to me.

When companies go for #1, they usually go for being the best of the best. Microsoft goes for the best of everything. Well, congratulations Microsoft. Nintendo may have pulled a fast one on you and beat you in sales, but you’ve taken the hardware malfunction category by storm.

PS: I wasn’t the only one who had this exact same problem happen to them. Right in time for Christmas, 2 XBox Live friends got the same problem before me. After Christmas, I was next, but I already had a backup 360 from the last time. Then, some time in the new year, my brother got it too. Only his 360 was out of the hardware warranty. Good thing it red-ringed a few days later? Jeez Louise!