More XBox 360 Laws?

Xbox 360 LogoBy now you’ve probably heard Mute It Before You Chew It and other XBox 360 Laws. I only wish I could come up with a catchy phrases like that. But alas, there are two rules I propose due to recent events.

The first was a completely random contact. Got a hold of me over XBox Live after seeing my blog. Insisted on asking a question over Private Chat while I was playing a game. Even after I ignored this person until I was finished and used a text message to reply, this person still insisted on asking his questions over Private Chat. After that was taken care of, I thought all was fine and well until Halo 3 came out. When my brother held a friends-only custom game, this person came in. That wasn’t the bad part — his friends were the bad part. (Most brainwrecked custom map ever + inane chatter about helmets + a kid soft-screaming, “Excelsior! Excelsior! Excelsior! Excelsior! Excelsior!” = kthxbye) After my friends and I left, I was invited back in to the game we just left. I guess some people don’t know the difference between a leaving and a lag-out?

The second was a friend of a friend who got a hold of me shortly after Microsoft released the feature to view your friends’ friends list. It wasn’t long before this person was holding hour-long inane private chats while I wanted to play a game online. (Aren’t online games better-played when you can communicate with your team members?) It got to the point where I would make myself appear offline whenever he came on. One time I forgot to do this, and he ended up joining a custom game between me, my brother, and a friend. What proceeded was the most uncomfortable conversation ever. The guy was more interested in making sure we all knew him rather than playing the game. When it was apparent no one did and wasn’t interested in learning, he left.

So with pretext out of the way, here’s three proposals for Unwritten Rules of XBL:

Assume No One Likes You: In real life, rarely do we get along with all of our friends’ friends. We may get along with most, but there’s always a few that you’d rather pretend never existed. You don’t need to add someone to your Friends List to strike up a conversation, so both sides should do each other a favor and make sure they can get along with each other. Adding people to your Friends List only gives them room to submit bad reviews.

Assume No One Wants To Hear You: Don’t voice-chat when text-chat will do. XBox Live tells everyone what we’re all playing at the moment, so you have no excuse. And you play on this system, too, so you know damn well a trip to that blade can mean in-game death. Can’t afford a $20 USB keyboard? Why the hell did you buy a $300-$400 video game machine, then?

If It’s Not Good Enough For The Telephone, It’s Not Good Enough For Private Chat: XBox Live Private Chat can be a great way to converse — assuming it’s not going to get in the way of what the two involved are doing in-game. Respect each others’ game. Quick whazzups and the like are allowed. Inane chatter is not. Awkward silence when you run out of things to talk about is a cue to get off the damn mic.