More Ports On XBox Live

XBox Live LogoAs the owner of two XBox 360’s I’ve been recently hit with a problem as my wife has become increasingly interested in gaming: How do you get TWO XBox 360’s on XBox Live while manually opening ports on the router? Microsoft documents the port settings for a single XBox 360 environment, but not multiple 360’s. The easy thing is, if your router details the ports that are being opened via UPnP, the ports are easy to discover. Getting someone to take 5 minutes out of their lives and document their findings on a blog or message board somewhere is apparently impossible. Until now.

XBox 360 #1: Port 3074 TCP&UDP
XBox 360 #2: Port 15980 TCP&UDP
XBox 360 #3: Port 24687 TCP&UDP

You shouldn’t have to worry about port 88 because the XBox 360 will always initiate Kerberos authentication. Most, if not all, consumer routers will allow incoming connections from an IP address that has already been sent data.

As a side note, I now have an XBox 360 stuck at port 24687 even though there is no other XBox 360 turned on. I don’t know if the router’s holding on to this configuration or if the XBox 360 is. But I do know this port has stuck despite disabling and re-enabling UPnP, rebooting the router, and even doing a firmware update and factory reset.

Edit: It was a router problem. I have since bought a new router and now the first 360 to be turned on always grabs port 3074 and the second one always grabs port 15980. The ports are also released in due time.