Microsoft Locking Out Nyko Batteries?

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I recently bought a new Wireless Controller With Play & Charge Kit from Microsoft for my XBox 360. When I got home, I tried to charge Microsoft’s battery pack in my Nyko charger while using Nyko’s battery pack in my controller. Neither worked

The Nyko charger’s light never came on and all of Microsoft’s controller’s green quads would continually flash. When I put Microsoft’s battery pack back into the new controller, it worked and the dashboard showed that the battery was half-depleted. (Which meant the battery could indeed be charged.) Worse yet, I tried the Nyko battery packs in two older controllers and the controllers worked just fine.

Did Microsoft just lock out Nyko? Wouldn’t surprise my after the fiasco with Nyko’s cooler for the 360. And while Microsoft’s free to do as they please with unlicensed products (they can’t sue, but they can do everything else), it’s usually bad to piss off third parties (see: Nintendo during the N64 and GameCube.)

Here’s a time line of when I bought my products, to help you understand where I’m coming from:

XBox 360 Pro
Nyko batteries work with included controller
Nyko Power Kit
XBox 360 Elite
Nyko batteries work with included controller
Microsoft Wireless Controller With Play & Charge Kit
Nyko batteries DO NOT work with the new controller, but still work with my previous controllers. Microsoft’s battery pack DOES NOT work in Nyko’s charger.