Microsoft Locking Out Nyko Batteries? Update

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In my last post, I got the sneaking suspicion that Microsoft was attempting to lock out 3rd parties from controller accessories. Turns out I was right.

In a response from Edward Fairchild from Nyko,

Microsoft recently issued a revision to their controllers that caused the obsolescence of some of Nyko’s 360 Batteries. We have revised our batteries to accommodate this revision but they are not yet available in all stores.

Then the next part of the response threw me for a loop:

Please return the nonworking batteries to us at the address listed below. Please include a brief letter describing the problem and also be sure to include your return mailing address so that I can get you 360 batteries as soon as possible. It should take approximately 2 weeks to get you your replacement and there is no additional cost other than the cost for you to ship it to us. We will cover the shipping back to you.

I’m not giving out the mailing address as I haven’t received permission to do so. I’m sure it’s a company address, but if it’s a departmental address it may not be the correct address to give to the general public for returning batteries. Also, they might not want a sudden influx of batteries if you aren’t affected yet. In any case, you can shoot an e-mail to to get the ball rolling if you’ve been affected by this “revision” of Microsoft’s.

I guess that puts Nyko right up there with Bungie, covering Microsoft for Microsoft’s own dee-dee-dee moments.