EeePC Headaches With Ubuntu 8.04

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UPDATE: Looking to install Ubuntu 8.10 on the EeePC? This article isn’t for you, anymore.

Looks like AppArmor isn’t the only thing causing a few headaches with the new release of Ubuntu. Seems that Ubuntu 8.04 also broke the eee-ubuntu-support script. Have no fear, though. The folks at have come up with solutions.

The two biggest things I figured I’d post here: Fixing the screen resolution and fixing wifi.

Fixing the screen resolution

Upon first boot, Ubuntu will nag you about the screen resolution but you won’t be able to select 800×480.

sudo apt-get install 915resolution

Reboot and the prompt will come up again, but Ubuntu will be using the correct resolution. Check the box to always run in low resolution and click Continue.

Fixing Wifi

Edit: Please note that you can no longer copy-paste this code directly into a console. The obsolete link had a static directory name. The new method grabs the current code from a symlink that points to the current file. While the downloaded file will always be madwifi-hal-, the directory inside the archive will be dynamic based on release number and date (ex: madwifi-hal- I have left the old code up in case anything goes wrong. I have used this code on another laptop with the same wireless chipset with no problems, but have not tested it on the EeePC.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential
wget ''
tar zxvf madwifi-nr-r3366+ar5007.tar.gz

wget ''
tar zxvf madwifi-hal-
cd madwifi-hal-[tab]
make clean
sudo make install
sudo reboot

Kernel updates may break wifi again. If wifi stops working, run the make commands again.