Can’t Monitor Your Mic-In? JACK To The Rescue!

jack-screenshot PROBLEM: I have my Xbox 360’s sound routed through my desktop PC via Line-In, but that requires the loud PC to be on. I wanted to switch to using my laptop instead, BUT THERE’S NO HARDWARE MIXING for mic-in, even though the mic-in on my laptop is stereo and therefore obviously doubles as line-in.

SOLUTION: JACK Audio Connection Kit for Linux allows you to mix mic-in into your computer’s speaker-out via software mixing.

STEP 1: INSTALL JACK. Run this command in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install jackd

STEP 2: START JACK. A shortcut should have been Applications > Sound & Video. You can also run it from a terminal by executing the command qjackctl.

STEP 3: CLICK START. Nothing will happen yet, but this will allow JACK to gather your inputs and outputs.


STEP 5. ADD AN OUTPUT. On the Output Source side, click the Add button. From the dialog box, select Client > System. You should now see capture_1 appear in the Plug drop-down box. Click the Add Plug button. If capture_2 appears in the Plug drop-down box, click the Add Plug button again. Click OK when you are done.

STEP 6: ADD AN INPUT. Do the same thing you did on the Output side. The only difference here is that the plugs will be named playback_1 and playback 2.

STEP 7: CLICK CONNECT. You will see a line drawn between Output Socket 1 and Input Socket 1.

STEP 8: CLICK SAVE. You can name the configuration anything you like and place it anywhere. JACK will remember where you saved your configurations and whether or not they were activated the next time you start up.

STEP 9: CLICK ACTIVATE. Congratulations! You should now hear audio from your mic-in! If the audio is distorted, you might have to adjust the mic-in level from your normal audio mixing controls.