Xbox 360 Goes Boom A Third Time

Xbox 360 Logo An Xbox 360 asplodes — I know, stop the presses.

This one was a bit of a surprise. Unlike 360 Pro #2, 360 Pro #3’s DVD drive just gave up the ghost with a snap of its fingers. I was playing Rock Band 2 on the Pro one night and falling back on my backup Elite console the next.

The greatest thing is that the console is one month removed from its one-year hardware warranty.

I have a few options before me.

Option 1: Send it to Microsoft for a fix for $150.

Option 2: Fix it myself by ordering the exact same drive for $80 and performing a circuit board swap, voiding the 3-year warranty with no guarantee that the controller board isn’t fried.

Option 3: Hold a Joker-esque social experiment contest where people can donate to one of two pools – one to utterly destroy the thing (drop it to the concrete from a high-rise building, coerce a Waste Management employee to drop a commercial waste bin on it on his waste collection route, etc.) and one to win it fresh from Microsoft all fixed up. I keep the money from the pool with the most money and give people their money back from the losing pool. I’d love to do this, but I’d need to be assured that I could at least cover the cost of the repair should the fix-it-up pool win. If I get enough comments expressing interest I’ll do it.