Hipocracy In The Plagarism Protection Game

I’ve always had a bit of an beef with sites that offer services to help protect you from people stealing your content (and to a lesser extent, the people that wave their banners). First off, these sites never protect you from anything. They can only report after the fact, and that’s all anybody can ever do. So if you don’t want people copying your ideas, keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, realize that we do have fair-use statutes that aren’t black-or-white and the line is going to get crossed here and there. Second, I wouldn’t trust any of them to come up with an auto-generated letter to the plagiarist because I can only image what heavy-handed language they would contain.

But much like Dr. Dre who cried foul at Napster only to get sued for doing the same thing, sometimes companies like Attributor will build a site that rips off not one, not two, but three parties at the same time. (Reported on Slashdot.)

UPDATE: Just before I got to post this, it seems Attributor wised up and made a proper 404 page.