REVIEW: Apex / Allied SL-275TFX

Apex Allied SL-275TFX

The Guilty Party
I really would execute it if I carried guns

The fun never stops. I found my web server dead today due to a bad power supply. However, unlike some things that succeed in just barely outlasting the warranty (here’s evil eyes staring at you, Samsung and Microsoft), this thing broke down right before. I’ve contacted NewEgg about a replacement, but we’ll see how that goes. (I didn’t buy the power supply outright. It came bundled with the case, but Newegg just so happens to carry the exact replacement part.)

UPDATE: I had to send the whole thing back to Newegg, which doesn’t carry the product any more. Even though their policy will allow me to select a similarly-priced case, I’d rather have this whole nonsense over with by now by just having the friggin’ power supply replaced. I’d never thought I say this, but this is one prospect of Newegg’s business model that needs to change. Sending back the entire bundle just because a part of that bundle failed, just because individual parts weren’t listed line-by-line, which you happen to sell separately, is rather irritating.