Ubuntu And The GeForce 200 Series

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As of this writing, I’m getting conflicting views on the nVidia GTS 200 series of cards and Jaunty. Canonical says the GTS 250 is supported in 9.04, which uses driver version 180.44. However, nVidia states that driver version 180.51 adds support for the GTS 250. And while nVidia gives you the 180.51 drivers if you specify a GTX 295 card, driver package 181.20 on the Windows side officially states support for that card. Ah, the bleeding edge.

In all probability, you can use 180.44 but your card will come up as an unkown nVidia card. Try the Canonical-approved driver installation first with sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 (if you don’t already have the driver installed).

If that doesn’t work, use the Canonical Launchpad driver (180.53)

If that doesn’t work, there’s always manual installation.