PowerStrip and Windows Login Resolution

Here’s a tasty treat that kept me up way longer than needed. I got a new LCD HDTV for the bedroom. Naturally, TV and DVD aren’t enough when the HDTV provides a VGA port.

The problem I ran into was that the HDTV did not use standard timing at its native resolution of 1368×768. While PowerStrip can change that when you log in, that didn’t solve the problem at the login screen. The solution was buried in a FAQ on EnTech’s web site:

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to have PowerStrip automatically start when you log in.
  • Select the resolution you want to run in normally and save it as a profile called “Startup”
  • Select the resolution you want to use during login and save it as a profile called “Shutdown”

When you shut down Windows, PowerStrip will change the resolution to what you have saved in the “Shutdown” profile. When Windows starts back up, it will still be at the “Shutdown” resolution until you log in and PowerStrip starts up.