Thumbs up to Automattic

Recently I switched this blog’s theme to P2. While designed with micro-blogging in mind, it’s damn fine for normal blogging, too.

Problem was, it seemed that any post that had left-aligned images, divs, or tables (like many of mine do) broke formatting when it came to Possibly Related. It was a simple matter of adding div.possibly-related { clear:left } to the style sheet. And it was a simple matter using Automatic’s contact form to inform them of the problem. Within two days my posts were automagically fixed.

Chuck Norris Approves

While I didn’t get any direct confirmation or acknowledgment, I sure as hell got a response. I actually got a jump on Automattic. My guess for the delay is that they were waiting to make sure the patch worked lived as it did in testing.

Thank you for the courteous note. I see you’ve already caught that we’ve fixed the bug – thank you for the blog post!

UPDATE 03/29/2010: Another problem got fixed without me even asking. After narrowing down the aforementioned alignment problem, I noticed the header wasn’t acting as a link back to my blog’s home page. Annoying, but felt reporting two bugs so close together was a bit spammy and it was solved with a simple text link at the top of the side bar.

I also wanted you to know that we’ve fixed the other bug you mentioned on your page:
“Take me to the home page! Because this theme doesn’t utilize the header image for this purpose. D’oh”

It’s working as expected now. Thanks again!

Text link no longer required. Internet high-five.