Google Converts Quake II To HTML5

How fast are computers nowadays? Fast enough to run 12 year old games through your browser with no plugins whatsoever. Sure, an old Pentium II might run the game faster natively, but where’s the fun in that?

We started with the existing Jake2 Java port of the Quake II engine, then used the Google Web Toolkit (along with WebGL, WebSockets, and a lot of refactoring) to cross-compile it into Javascript. You can see the results in the video above — we were honestly a bit surprised when we saw it pushing over 30 frames per second on our laptops (your mileage may vary)!

We are as yet unable to provide a public demo link. The Quake II code is GPL licensed, but the demo resources (textures, models, sounds, et al) are not, so we cannot simply upload them to a server. We are pursuing legitimate avenues to do so, though — stay tuned.

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