EFF Sides With Microsoft On Pantent Invalidation

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While it might seem like a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing (with Microsoft being one of the bigger filers with the USPTO), i4i is the company that finally gave Microsoft a big enough slap up alongside the head to realize something else was wrong with the patent process.

Something else? It was about 5 years ago that Microsoft called out for patent reform. While most of it seemed reasonable, the call for a first-to-file system was not. Indeed, it was discovered that Microsoft had obtained a patent on something Apple did with their iPods by filing first. But I digress.

While it’s clear that Microsoft does what Microsoft does out of self-interest, that doesn’t mean none of it’s interests are shared by no one outside of the Redmond HQ, hence they EFF filing. The only thing left is to wonder how much more it will take before Microsoft realizes software patents, on the whole, are a bad idea. They have lost 12 patent cases brought against them, and have won only one out of 3 that they have brought against others. (Source.)