BUG: Talika Won’t Allow A Program To Be Pinned

PROBLEM: The normal method for adding launchers to Talika is to actually launch the program, then right-click on the icon that shows up in Talika and select Pin. Sometimes the Pin option doesn’t show up.

REASON: Talika can’t associate a launcher with the name of the running window. I only had this happen to me once with a preview build of Thunderbird, whose window was going by the preview name Shredder. Since there was no launcher named Shredder in my Main Menu and no executable named shredder, it couldn’t create a launcher.

SOLUTION: Drag the launcher you want to use from the Main Menu into Talika. This will create a launcher in Talika. Now launch the application. A new icon will appear because Talika can’t associate the window with the launcher. Right-click the launcher you want to use and select Attach. A list of unknown windows will appear, which should include the name of the extraneous window.