RANT: Canonical Is NOT Replacing Gnome With Unity In Ubuntu

Canonical Logo Vertical HalfGnome Logo Vertical Half

For people that insist on making distinctions between “operating system” and “window manager,” you’d think there’d be a distinction between “windowing system” and “desktop interface.” However there’s quite a few articles I’ve come across that are suggesting under no uncertain circumstances that Canonical is replacing Gnome with Unity.

Canonical is doing no such thing.

If you fire up Ubuntu 10.10 or 11.04 with the Unity interface, you’ll notice that your window decorations are distinctly Gnome. The title bars, the buttons, the style…all Gnome. What has gone away are the panels and the applets that go there.

That is, if Unity can run. If Unity determines that it can’t run (and there are requirements in addition to compiz) it’ll default back to using Gnome’s panels.