MS Lobbies For Anti-Piracy Law To Sue Companies Whose Oversea Suppliers Pirate

Microsoft Logo Details at GrokLaw here:

Synopsis: Microsoft is lobbying for a law to make it legal to sue someone if they receive products from someone else who pirates your software. Microsoft doesn’t have much luck discouraging piracy in certain areas around the globe. Lobbying for reform in those areas hasn’t met with much effect.

Intended effect: Cut overseas suppliers’ demand for their products and services by making them less attractive to US business, enticing them to pony up.

Most likely effect: Cut the US from overseas products and services as they continue to pirate and continue to sell to the rest of the world.

I honestly don’t know how this is getting passed as a law, but it has.

…not only has such a bill just passed the Senate and the House in Washington State…Louisiana passed such a bill already. Microsoft tried and failed in Utah…similar bills are working their way through the state legislatures in Massachusetts, Kentucky, New York, Connecticut, Arizona, Illinois and Oregon.

I would assume that this would just fail as it is inequitable treatment between a local company and an overseas company. If it’s a local company doing the pirating, you just go after that company and any businesses that deal with that company are left alone. But if the pirating company is overseas everything gets reversed. Now local companies have two things to look out for while the overseas companies still have no reason to care.