Dungeon Fighter Online Won’t Launch After Re-Installing Windows

You know what I like about keeping my games on another drive?  Most of the time, you don’t have to re-install games to run them.  Steam is a great example, as running steam.exe directly on a fresh installation of Windows will prompt you that Steam isn’t setup and that it will re-launch itself to do so.

Dungeon Fighter Online, however, does something funky. In the name of defeating key and event loggers, you have to log in via the DFO web site and then click Play, which communicates with a plugin, which then sends a key to DFOLauncher.exe. This key has a short expiration time (as noted during some updates) so even if you grab they key (which I did at one time) it won’t work for much longer.

As you can guess, a fresh install of Windows will break this process since the plugin is installed locally to the Windows OS. While the DFO installer sets this up for you, you don’t really want to re-install the whole game from scratch if you already have a known-working setup, do you? That means re-installing updates, too. Fortunately, there is a solution.