Some people got their XBox 360’s for Halo. Some got theirs for Project Gotham Racing 3. Some got theirs for Gears of War. Me? Phantasy Star Universe.

OK, that’s a bit of a lie. I was in the Gears of War crowd. It was my birthday. Ridge Race 6 and PGR3 were good place holders while I waited for GoW to come out. Plus, Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting and Geometry Wars were out for XBox Live Arcade, with Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 to soon follow.

Then I read of Phantasy Star Universe. My brother spoke volumes on Phantasy Star Online. (Including the hacks, which is why I never jumped on board.) Of the three versions, I decided upon the 360 version specifically because of the hackers and the newness of the 360 with its content protection schemes. I’ve been addicted since, and Gears of War will have to wait. 😦

Seeing as how much time I put into Phantasy Star Universe, I figured I might as well have a page for it. Unfortunately, I don’t play this game much any more.

Party Members

Left to right:

SupASNupak00pa as Sakura Kasugano
xXGameOnXxTx as <Trucie>
My brother SaberwolfTribal as Delilah
Me, BrainwreckedTec, as Leela
PunishedSlayer as Michael
Agrippa99 as Agrippa

We are the very definition of Guys In Real Life and Many Men Online Role Playing Girls. Well, save for the pixel-hugging-for-dosh part. Can’t say we haven’t pixel-hugged though (perverting innocent in-game actions never grows old), it’s just that we won’t string you along.

If you see us out and about, don’t be shy! We usually lock our parties as we’re a bit weary of random strangers. We’re not too serious about the game, so you can count on us if you get sick of the elitism and bashing you might run across. But we also tire quickly of inane chatter, players who frequently go afk, requests for money, and know-it-alls who, well, don’t.


Just had to get a shot of this one. Here you can literally see inside Leela’s shorts, and some optimizations the graphics chipset is making by dropping polygons that aren’t supposed to be seen.

Inside Leela

This was done by glitching the camera. Sega tries to make it so that the camera never gets too close to your character. Under normal circumstances, the camera does its damn best to keep its distance. If you try to force it into a wall, it’ll move into they sky or off to the side. However, you can trap the camera by looking up to the sky while backing into a good-size corner.

Leela Upskirt Bad

Now, that isn’t too bad. You’ve probably seen it already. But no. I mean I really know how to trap the camera.

Leela Upskirt Worse

Censorship Filter

One of the most annoying things in PSU is the aggressive content filter. I can understand Sega trying to prevent clean up certain offensive phrases, but the algorithm in place makes text chat an exercise at times. For a while, after the release of Ambition of the Illuminus, it even seemed that you could get booted for tripping the censorship filter too many times in a given period. (Unlike most lag-based boots, the censor boot happens as soon as you hit the enter key, the dialog box can be closed as soon as it appears, and you will have absolutely no problem logging back on.)

To understand the filter, you need to know the forbidden words AND how the algorithm works.

  • First off, in an attempt to defeat attempts to defeat the filter, all spaces and punctuation are ignored. If you try to say “wash it stinky” you’ll be blocked.
  • If you happen to use to the actual no-no word, only that word will be censored. If you tell someone to “eat shit and die”, it’ll come through as “eat @#$% and die”
  • Don’t try to get all 1337 by replacing letters with numbers and non-alphanumeric characters. The filter recognizes that as well.
  • If you happen to use the no-no word surrounded by non-space or non-punctuation characters, the whole message gets blocked. If you try to say “wash it stinky”, it’ll come through as “@#$%@#$%@#$%@#”
  • The slash (/) is the most common character used to defeat the filter. The Ambition of Illuminus expansion pack fixed some instances of using the slash and other non-punctuation characters to defeat the filter, but not all.
  • For some odd-ball reason, rule #4 is completely ignored when using the @ macro. Normally, “fucktard” will get you blocked. “@fucktard” goes right though.

Now that you have an idea, here’s what you can’t say:
(Note: I haven’t gone through this entire list. I pulled a lot from the official PSU Message Boards, but it was old and the filter has since been laxed a bit.)

  • All cuss words, including a**, ba*****, bi***, co**, cu**, damn, di**, f***, pi**, pu***, sh**, tw**
  • Racial slurs (except cracker — too general ^^) including some which can be used innocently (Jew, Moor) and some common misspellings (like “niga”, which is the reason you can’t say “Galenigare Mines”)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and syphilis. Oddly, as restrictive as the filter is, you can say AIDS.
  • Names of controversial drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and Viagra.
  • anus
  • AOL
  • bondage
  • bin
  • bill gates
  • blizzard (presumably because it’s the name of the company that makes WoW)
  • bunghole
  • butt
  • cleft
  • coolie
  • con (filter only catches this word by itself, not inside other words)
  • condom
  • dingus
  • douche
  • fart, farted, farting, farts (filter only catches this word by itself, not inside other words)
  • feat (Russian for damn)
  • fresh
  • frisky
  • git
  • help
  • inv
  • inu (romaji for dog)
  • lick
  • mail
  • micro
  • money
  • Netscape
  • office
  • poo
  • pork
  • problem
  • reacharound
  • retard
  • screw (filter only catches this word by itself, not inside other words)
  • sd (I have no clue why)
  • semen
  • sex (and secks)
  • shaved
  • “strap on”
  • support
  • tit (this one causes a LOT of headaches)
  • Windows
  • “your mom” and “your mother”